Howard Hunt Medical Institute BioInteractive: ( level - high school) virtual labs such as: Transgenic Fly, Cardiology, Bacterial Identification, Immunology.

Immune Attack (level: high school to undergrad) - Federation of American Scientists created this game to introduce introductory concepts of immunology. *Sign up to test a Beta version with your students*

The Mighty Mutation Maker:
This site makes a pretend section of DNA out of your name, then proceeds to show what happens with the following mutations and explains what is expressed: missense, nonsense, silent insertion, deletion.

NASA’s virtual microscope: Download the lab to view images through a scanning electron microscope (SEM).

NeuroScience for Kids: (level: elementary to middle) games, simulations and lesson plans for neuroscience.

Stroop Effect: This site deals with brain theory, interference of processing. This is an interesting activity to do with people of all ages. Try this one for yourself, even it you don’t teach it!

Virtual Frog Dissection: (level: elementary to middle) This site shows a diagram of a dissected frog, the user can click on an organ, and the name and function is displayed.

Virtual Pond dip: Helps students identify microscopic pond life