GLOBE: (level: elementary to high) - Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment,, sets the gold standard for international online projects. Globe trains teachers to train students to collect data, weather, biological, soil etc., post it on the globe server. Students and scientists analyze the data for patterns, pose hypotheses and draw conclusions.

CERES S’COOL Project: (level: elementary to middle) Any primary or secondary school teacher and his or her class is eligible to participate in S'COOL. Teachers are invited to participate as it best fits with the curriculum they are teaching in the classroom. Occasionally Intensive Observing Periods (IOP) will still be announced, during which we would like to receive the most observations possible to contribute to validation of the CERES instrument data. The S'COOL letter of invitation provides details on how to register with the project

EarthKAM: (level: elementary to high) This is not simulated or virtual, students actually take pictures of the earth using a camera mounted aboard the International Space Station. Over the past 3 years, my students have taken over 400 pictures of various parts of the Earth. It is a totally awesome experience. VIsit our wiki for examples of how to introduce EarthKAM to your classes, student project directions and completed student projects.
The offical EarthKAM website:
My wiki for EarthKAM:,

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education: (level: elementary to high) - Projects include: Down the Drain, The International Boiling Point Project, Human Genetics, the Global Water Sampling Project, the Global Sun Temperature Project, Square of Life, Bucket Buddies, Take a Dip, the Noon Day Project, Oceans Connecting a Nation