Online Science Games

1. Global Warming Interactive - (level: high school) fairly sophisticated multiuser game showing the relationship between global warming, political, economic and science decisions.

2. Nano games (level: middle to high) by FEI Company, a company which develops and produces procedures and tools for working on a nano scale. These games, NanoScaling, NanoImaging, and NanoMedicine are all downloadable in Windows and teach a great deal about nanotechnology while playing a game to save the world.

3. (level: 3-10) - a full website of games, lessons, interactives, jokes, news and library for kids of all ages. Many just for fun science games, however the best is Planet 10, which offers 2 scenarios, exploring our solar system and creating your own solar system to specification.

4. Nanoquest (level: middle to high) is role-playing game in a nanoworld. There was a competition, which is over, but you can still paly the game.

5. PowerUp (level: upper middle to high) is an extensive multiplayer game for saving the world from humanities environmental excesses. 6 lesson plans for implementing in the classroom - this an entire unit merging environmental problems with engineering solutions. Created and supported by Try Science/New York Hall of Science and IBM.

6. WindWard (level: middle to high) an interactive game from Cable in the Classroom, Discovery Education and NASA. This game could be played as an introduction to the unit on weather, or as a final activity. The game objective is to sail a course around the world in a specific number of days, which of course requires weather prediction and weather charting. Besides a cool game, this site contains a VERY impressive list of links to teaching resources on teaching weather.

7. Selene: A Lunar Construction Game for students 13-18. ( level: middle to high) Develop by a grant from the NSA, researchers 'track game play to study how Selene helps players to learn about the geology of the Moon.' As teacher, you must register to become a recruiter, students must complete consent forms before you are assigned an access code.

8. Water Life: Where River Meets the Sea ( level: elementary) ' This game is based on the ecosystem of a United States west coast estuary and follows a human, Valerie, as she encounters Oscar the sea otter, and the Claminator, a geoduck clam. The friends are challenged to learn about the factors that produce healthy estuaries, food webs, and why estuaries are essential to ocean life and to humans.'

9. Mint Museum of Games: (level: elementary to middle) - The University of Alabama has created some simple science games, mostly classification. Currently there is one on rocks, Periodic table, classifying subtances, anatomy and simple machines.

10. Immune Attack: (level upper middle school to high school) - Created by the American Federation of Scienctists, Immune Attack allows students to join the battle between white blood cells and infectious agents. The game introduces nanotechnology and is downloadable.